Closings & Emergencies

In the event of a school closing due to severe weather or other emergency, District 401 posts notifications to students, parents, employees and community via multiple media sources.

Automated Announcements

When it is possible to do so, an announcement is sent out to all parents and staff through District 401's automated phone system:

► A recorded message will come from phone number 708-452-7272.

► The message may start with a short delay and then continue with an important recorded message from a school administrator.

► If you have "call blocker" you can enter the phone number 708-452-7272 in order to receive these calls.

We may also send an announcement via a School Message Broadcast email message. 

Parents, please be sure your email addresses and phone numbers are up to date, and inform the appropriate office staff of any changes throughout the year.

District, School and Emergency Websites

Look for notifications on the District 401 website, on individual school websites and on the Emergency Closing Center website.

When District 401 as a whole is closed because of severe weather or any other emergency, the District site will feature an emergency banner at the top of the homepage, as will each school website.

If a specifc school is closed because of circumstances unique to that school, the websites of both that school and the District will feature an emergency banner at the top of their homepages announcing the closing. 

Television and Radio

School status is also reported to local television stations and radio stations.

Television — Watch Chicago TV channels 2 (CBS), 5 (NBC), 7 (ABC), 9 (WGN) or 32 (Fox) 

Radio — Listen to AM news radio stations 720 (WGN) or 780 (WBBM)

Phone Call-In

You may call 708-452-7272 and press 8 to hear if any District 401 schools are closed.