Community Use of School Facilities

District 401's school facilities are available to community organizations during non-school hours when such use meets the following criteria:

► The proposed use does not interfere with any school function or affect the safety of students or employees.

► The proposed use does not affect the property or liability of District 401.

Stipulations on Use

In accordance with District Policy 8:20, the use of school facilities for school purposes has precedence over all other uses.

District 401 reserves the right to cancel previously scheduled use of facilities by community organizations and other groups.

The use of school facilities requires the prior approval of Superintendent of School Dr. Kevin M. Anderson or his designee and is subject to all applicable procedures.

Steps for Requesting Use

To request the use of school facilities, please follow these steps:

► Contact our head of Buildings & Grounds, Mr. Alex Zamora, at his D401 email address. He will provide you with all necessary forms.

► Fill out all required forms and return them to Mr. Zamora along with any other required information. 

Fees, Costs and Rules of Conduct

Student groups, school-related organizations, government agencies and nonprofit organizations are granted the use of school facilities at no cost during regularly staffed hours.

Fees and costs shall apply during non-regularly staffed hours and to other organizations granted use of facilities at any time.

Persons on school premises must abide by District 401's conduct rules at all times. The rules governing visitor conduct on school property are contained in Section 8:30 of the Board of Education's District Policy Manual

District 401’s Policy on Community Use

Procedures for handling facility requests are governed by District 401's policy on community use of school facilities, which can be found in Section 8:20 of the District Policy Manual.

A searchable online version of the complete District Policy Manual can be found here.