District Newsletter

"Focus on Education" is District 401's print newsletter. It's published twice a year, usually in the fall after the school year begins and in the summer after the school year concludes.

Typically our newsletter contains articles about recent achievements by our students and faculty, information about plans and policies recently enacted by the Board of Education, and a look at important upcoming events.

How We Distribute Our Newsletter

The District 401 newsletter is mailed to all Elmwood Park residents. 

In addition, we use this page on our website as an archive area for issues from the current school year and the preceding year.

2017-18 Issues

Focus on Education, Winter 2018

2016-17 Issues

Focus on Education, Fall 2016

Focus on Education, Summer 2017

2015-16 Issues

Focus on Education, Fall 2015

Focus on Education, Summer 2016

School Newsletters

All D401 schools publish their own newsletters. For more information about school-level publications, please visit the following links:

Early Childhood Center Newsletter

Elmwood Elementary School Newsletter

John Mills Elementary School Newsletter

Elm Middle School Newsletter

Elmwood Park High School Newsletter