Elmwood Park Educational Foundation

NOTE: The Foundation's website is temporarily unavailable. We will restore links to the site when it is back online.

The mission of the Elmwood Park Educational Foundation District #401 (link temporarily unavailable) is to create partnerships with community members, organizations and businesses to support District 401 schools in their efforts to provide a challenging and rich educational environment that will prepare all students for the future.

About the Foundation

The Elmwood Park Educational Foundation is a nonprofit, tax-exempt organization that raises money to benefit the children of District 401 through donations and fundraising events. 

Its largest fundraisers are the annual "Steppin’ Into Spring" gala held each March and the "Night of Fun for #401" held in October. 

Recent Fundraising Efforts 

EPEF’s recent fundraising efforts have yielded the following results for District 401 schools:

► EPHS: $1,392 for iPhone Microscopes

► EPHS: $300 scholarship to the valedictorian at EPHS

► EPHS: $200 scholarship to the salutatorian at EPHS

► Elm: $2,297 for school robotics program

► Elm: $1,633 for science robots 

► Elmwood: $1,395 for five iPad Minis

► Elmwood: $235 for five Mini cases 

► John Mills: $1,395 for five iPad Minis

► John Mills: $235 for five Mini cases

► ECC: $1,603 for HP desktop computers 

► ECC: $1,197 for three iPads

How to Contribute

To make a tax-deductible contribution, use this link (temporarily unavailable) to donate online through PayPal, or download this form to mail in your donation.

Board of Directors

District 401 thanks the Foundation's Board of Directors for all of its efforts in establishing and maintaining this partnership. The current directors are: 

► Jeff Bilotti, Chairman

► Margie Gauthier, Treasurer

► Peter Silvestri, Director

► Emily Weber, Director

► Alan Kaminski, Director

► SK Narayan, Director

► Dr. Nicolas Wade, Ex-Officio Officer

► Lauren Platt, School Board Liaison

► Peter Volpe, School Board Liaison

For More Information

Learn more about EPEF and its activities by following the organization on Facebook or visiting its website (link temporarily unavailable). The organization can be reached at:

Elmwood Park Educational Foundation
8201 W. Fullerton Ave, Elmwood Park, IL 60707
Phone: (708) 583-5855
Online Contact Form (link temporarily unavailable)

District 401's Policy on Gifts to the District

All gifts to District 401, whether from EPEF or other organizations or individuals, are governed by Section 8:80 of the Board of Education's Policy Manual.

Under this policy, all gifts must adhere to the following stipulations:

► Be accepted by the Board or, if less than $500 in value, the Superintendent or designee. Individuals should obtain a pre-acceptance commitment before identifying the District, any school or school program or activity as a beneficiary in any fundraising attempt, including without limitation any Internet fundraising attempt.

► Be given without a stated purpose or with a purpose deemed by the party with authority to accept the gift to be compatible with the Board's educational objectives and policies.

► Be consistent with the District's mandate to provide equal educational and extracurricular opportunities to all students in the District as provided in Board Policy 7:10, Equal Educational Opportunities. State and federal laws require the District to provide equal treatment for members of both sexes to educational programming, extracurricular activities and athletics. This includes the distribution of athletic benefits and opportunities.

► Permit the District to maintain resource equity among it learning centers.

► Be viewpoint neutral. The Superintendent or designee shall manage a process for the review and approval of donations involving the incorporation of messages into or placing messages upon school property.

► Comply with all laws applicable to the District including, without limitation, the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Prevailing Wage Act, the Health/Life Safety Code for Public Schools, and all applicable procurement and bidding requirements.

The complete text of the Section 8:80 of the District Policy Manual can be found here.