Superintendent's Message

By Dr. Nicolas Wade, District 401 Superintendent of Schools

Superintendent Dr. Nicolas WadeWelcome to Elmwood Park CUSD 401 and the new school year!

I will be starting my fifth year in the District, my first as Superintendent, and I am excited by the progress of current initiatives underway and those being planned. 

The mission and vision of the District is to increasingly enhance the learning experience for students and provide the necessary structure and supports for students, staff, and the community for the District to succeed. It is my responsibility as the Superintendent to ensure that mission and vision are on track and in effect to continue the good work already being done.

There are already changes underway, such as the Technology Initiative and facility improvements, but this year the District will be taking a stronger look at the core curriculum for students and social-emotional and academic supports needed for their betterment. Last year steps were taken to prepare for a transition into co-teaching in the classrooms, articulation in the core content areas throughout all the grade levels, and social-emotional learning and restorative practices.

There will be much news on all of these fronts in the months ahead, but in addition to facilities and technology, academics and a system of supports are paramount to a positive learning experience for our students.

Steps are also being taken to provide better and additional communication with the parents and community. Visitors to our website can be expecting additional news and video posts about events or initiatives, there will be a quarterly Superintendent Newsletter, and there will be public forums on various topics for everyone to attend.

I am utterly excited to continue being a part of this District and for what this year will bring for all of us. I wish everyone a positive and fortunate school year, and I hope to see you around.


Dr. Nicolas Wade