Requesting Tech Support (Non-Google)

If you are a District 401 teacher or staff member and you encounter a hardware, software or network problem that is NOT a Google apps problem, please send an email requesting help to the District 401 technology support line at the following address: 


Please note: If you have a Google apps problem or question, please scroll to the bottom of this page for information about how to request help.

When Making Your Tech Support Request

When requesting support for a non-Google tech problem, please be sure to state the name of your school and your room number.

Help requests from every District 401 school are sent to the address, so it is essential that you identify where you are located.

Describe your problem as clearly as possible. Where applicable, screenshots illustrating your problem would be helpful.

What Happens After You Make Your Request

The District’s tech support line is monitored throughout the day. Faculty and staff who submit a request will get a notification email at each phase of the support process:

► When requests (“tickets”) are opened
► When tickets are commented on
► When tickets are closed

Response time will vary depending on traffic volume.

Each District 401 school has a technology support specialist assigned to it. Although your school's specialist may be assigned to your ticket (if the source of the trouble is local), please follow the protocol listed above instead of contacting him or her directly.

If You’re Seeking Google-Related Help

If you are a District 401 teacher or staff member and you have a non-hardware Google-related instructional technology (IT) problem or question, please notify the IT Department Help Desk by completing this online form:

► Staff IT Help Desk Form

If you are a parent/guardian or other member of the D401 community and you have a Google-related IT problem or question, please notify the IT Department by completing this online form:

 Community Technology Help Desk Form

For more information about the District’s use of instructional technology as well as links to Google training resources, please visit the IT Department’s website.