Buildings & Grounds

District 401’s Buildings & Grounds Department oversees the maintenance and upkeep of our schools.

Consistent with District Policy 4:150, the department ensures that all facilities and grounds are adequately maintained in order to provide an appropriate, safe and energy-efficient physical environment for learning and teaching.

Department Personnel

Mr. Alejandro Zamora is department head. A full listing of Buildings & Grounds personnel can be found in the following directories:

► Buildings & Grounds Staff —  Listed by Name

► Buildings & Grounds Staff — Listed by Department

Department Responsibilities

Buildings & Grounds personnel play an essential role in the daily and long-term operations of District 401. They handle a variety of responsibilities, including:

► Custodial services

► General maintenance and repair

► Grounds keeping and landscape care

► Shipment and delivery of intra-District mail

► Transportation of equipment, furniture and other essential items within and between District buildings

► Management of energy use to ensure conservation and efficiency

► Management of environmental quality to protect the safety of students, staff and visitors and to ensure compliance with all applicable environmental regulations and laws

For More Information

To learn more about District 401's Buildings & Grounds Department, please visit the pages listed below, or click the links located in the left-hand column.

Buildings & Grounds Staff — Listed by Name

Buildings & Grounds Staff — Listed by Department

► Requesting Maintenance Support

► Community Use of School Facilities

Visiting Our Schools

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► Test Results for Lead in D401 Drinking Water

District 401’s Policy on Facility Management

The department's maintenance and upkeep procedures are governed by District 401's policy on facility management, which can be found in Section 4:150 of the Board of Education's District Policy Manual.

A searchable online version of the complete District Policy Manual can be found here.