Food Services

District 401 works with Aramark to provide food services to our students. Since 1998, the District has looked to Aramark to build a food service program that fosters parental, student, staff and community involvement.

 Aramark's Responsibilities

As D401's food-service provider, Aramark has been entrusted to create high quality and nutritious meals, meet all applicable health department compliance standards and provide expert leadership to build and sustain a viable food service program.

This latter responsibility entails operating an efficient, effective and financially responsible program. To do so, Aramark uses data-driven best practices to manage the program to a break-even point.

Other responsibilities entrusted to Aramark include:

► Staying current with development of the appropriate food standard operating procedures

► Taking advantage of new technologies to provide enhanced customer service and operation savings

► Meeting important state and federal food service requirements and standards

► Addressing employee morale, retention and training

► Increasing student, staff and administration satisfaction

Besides providing daily meals to students at our five schools, Aramark also provides catering services to the District.

For More Information

To learn more about food services in District 401, please visit the pages listed below, or click the links located in the left-hand column.

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