Health Services

To ensure the health and well-being of our students, District 401 has put into place an array of policies and services devoted to that goal.

Leading the way are the District's nurses, one of whom is on staff at each of our schools:

Early Childhood Center
Ms. Theresa Nitti | 708-583-5862 | ECC Health Services

Elmwood Elementary School
Ms. Barb Jerzyk | 708-583-6255 | Elmwood Health Services

John Mills Elementary School
Ms. Vicky Gillespie | 708-583-6278 | John Mills Health Services

Elm Middle School
Ms. Amy Cleff-Holic | 708-583-6235 | Elm Health Services

Elmwood Park High School
Ms. Barbara Meilinger | 708-583-6206 | EPHS Health Services

What Our Nurses Do

Our nurses fulfill the following responsibilities in compliance with all applicable District policies:

► They assess the needs of each student. If medication is required during the school day, the nurse administers the medication or assists the student as needed.

► They assist students who become ill or injured during the school day. This means administering first aid as needed, calling for emergency services if required and notifying the parents.

► They work closely with parents and Aramark food services (the District's food-service vendor) to manage any food allergies.

► They monitor immunization compliance for the health and safety of all students.  

How Parents/Guardians Can Help

At the same time, parents and guardians can assist our nurses by doing the following:

► Provide your school nurse with a current phone number and be available at that number during the school day.

► In case of student illness while at school, arrange for your student to be picked up from school within 30 minutes.

► Fill out the Medication in School Form if your student needs to take medication while at school. Bring in the medication in the original container. The container should show the prescription and directions.

► Provide your school nurse with an allergy plan and any medications if needed.

► Provide your school nurse with a current health certificate filled out by your child’s doctor — showing immunizations and physical examination — and a signed health history.

Reasons to Keep Your Child at Home

Not sure when you should keep your child out of school for medical reasons? Our nurses offer these guidelines:

Vomiting: Keep your child home if vomiting occurs more than once in a 24-hour period. Your child may return 24 hours after the last episode.

Fever: Keep your child home until his or her temperature has remained under 100.0 Fahrenheit without medication for 24 hours.

Rashes: Keep your child home until rashes have been evaluated by a physician, especially if a rash is accompanied by itchiness or fever.

Sore throat: Keep your child home if a sore throat is accompanied by fever or swollen glands.

To Learn More

For additional information about health services in District 401, please visit the pages listed below, or click the links located in the left-hand column.

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