Inside District 401's classrooms, technology plays a crucial role in preparing our students to be 21st-century learners. Our teachers actively pursue new and exciting ways to blend technology with instruction to enhance student learning.

District Technology Initiative

The use of technology throughout the curriculum will become even more pronounced as District 401 implements its long-term 1:1 Technology Initiative, with the goal of equipping each Elmwood Park High School student with an internet-connected device by the 2018-19 school year and each Elm Middle School student by 2019-20.

Meanwhile, Elmwood and John Mills elementary schools will benefit from the movement of existing laptop carts from the high school and middle school, so that all teachers and students will have increased opportunities for the instructional uses of technology throughout the day.

In addition, the use of Google educational tools and apps will saturate the District, with all grade levels operating under Google Classroom by 2019-20.

Technology Support Staff

District 401's technology specialists provide essential hardware, software and web-based computing support to our faculty, staff and administrators. 

Our technology support staff consists of:

Mr. Tom Kinane
Technology Director, District 401

Mr. Quirino Carlin
Technology Specialist, John Mills Elementary School & Early Childhood Center 

Ms. Fran DiDavide
Technology Specialist, Elmwood Elementary School

Mr. Herbeis Garcia
Technology Specialist, Elm Middle School

Mr. Doug Selix
Network Supervisor, Elmwood Park High School

Note to faculty and staff members: Information about requesting tech support is available at this link. Please use the procedures outlined on that page.

Instructional Technology Department

To assist our teachers and administrators with District 401's move to 1:1 device implementation, the Board of Education in 2016 approved the creation of an Instructional Technology Department — or "IT" for short.

Our IT Department consists of:

Ms. Jessica Iovinelli
Instructional Technology Coordinator, District 401

Mr. Dave Porreca
Web/Media Specialist

As IT Coordinator, Ms. Iovinelli plays four main roles in the District Technology Initiative:

► Provides technology-based professional development for teachers, staff and administration, which includes training in the use of G Suite for Education, a collection of web-based applications formerly known as "Google Apps for Education."

► Assists classroom teachers with designing and implementing effective formative activities that use multiple forms of technologies, educational tools and resources while also increasing student engagement.

► Identifies and models best practices associated with the District's technology plan, and meets regularly with staff and administration to use technology to support differentiated learning.

► Leads a District Technology Team focused on gathering and interpreting data regarding the efficacy of the District Technology Initiative.

Note to faculty and staff members: Information about requesting IT support is available here (scroll to bottom of the page). In addition, the IT Help Desk can be accessed via this link.  

G Suite for Education

As noted above, our teachers and administrators have begun to receive training in G Suite for Education as part of District 401’s long-term 1:1 Technology Initiative.

This training, provided by the District’s IT team, will enable our teachers to use technology in their classrooms even more effectively and help our students become proficient digital learners. 

G Suite for Education consists of free web-based word processing, calendar, presentation, drawing, email, forms and spreadsheet programs that will soon be available for all District 401 students. 

Using these tools, students will be able to work collaboratively to create, edit and share files and websites for school-related projects and to communicate via email with other students and teachers. These services are entirely online and available 24/7 from any internet-connected device.

1:1 Device Implementation

Gradual saturation of devices will begin in 2017-18 at Elmwood Park High School and also at Elm Middle School, with a projected full 1:1 implementation at EPHS slated for 2018-19 and at Elm for 2019-20.

Updates on the trainings and implementation, as well as resources for community members, can be found on the IT Department website.