District Policies for Student Handbooks

This page contains links to all District 401 policies that students and parents must indicate they have read, understood and accepted.

Hard copies of these policies are available in the main office at each of the District’s schools.

Please note that these policies may be amended by Board of Education approval during the school year.

Parent/Student Sign-Off Requirement

After reviewing the following policies, every student and parent/guardian must review, sign and submit a sign­-off sheet.

One sign­-off sheet must be submitted for each student. The sheet is available in English, Polish and Spanish:

► Sign­-off sheet in English

► Sign­-off sheet in Polish

► Sign­-off sheet in Spanish

PLEASE NOTE: If your child attends Elmwood Elementary School, please download and complete Elmwood's Handbook Check-Off Sheet in addition to the Parent/Student Sign-Off Sheet:

Elmwood Elementary School Handbook Check-Off Sheet 

What the Sign-Off Sheet Means

Completing a Parent/Student Sign-Off Sheet indicates that the signers understand and accept the handbook that applies to them, and that they also understand and accept all five parts of the sign-off sheet. These parts are:

► Part 1— District Policies for Student Handbooks

► Part 2 — Cellular Phone Acceptable Use Policy and Parental Permission

► Part 3 — Publication of Student Photos

► Part 4 — Electronic Communication

► Part 5 — Notice for Directory Information

Each of these five parts is explained in the sign-off sheet. See below for links to the policies, procedures and exhibits that must be reviewed for Part 1.

The sign­-off sheet must be returned no later than five school days after the student’s first day of classes. The sheet will also be included in each student’s beginning­-of-­the-­year packet.

Please note that District 401 policies are subject to change by the Board of Education.

District Policies for Sign-Off

Please review these policies and related administrative procedures ("AP") and exhibits ("E") before signing the Parent/Student Sign-Off Sheet described above. As previously noted, District 401 policies are subject to change at any time.

Access to Electronic Networks

► Policy Link — 6:235

Accommodating Individuals with Disabilities

 ► Policy Link — 8:70

Administering Medicines to Students

► Policy Link — 7:270

► Procedure Link — 7:270-AP1, Dispensing Medication

► Exhibit Link — 7:270-E, School Medication Authorization Form

Attendance and Truancy

► Policy Link — 7:70

Bus Conduct

► Policy Link — 7:220

► Procedure Link — 7:220-AP, Electronic Recordings on School Buses

 Procedure Link — 4:110-AP3, School Bus Safety Rules

Conduct Code for Participants in Extracurricular Activities

► Policy Link — 7:240

► Procedure Link — 7:240-AP1, Code of Conduct for Extracurricular Activities

Convicted Child Sex Offender; Screening; Notifications

 Procedure Link — 4:175-AP1, Criminal Offender Notification Laws; Screening

 Exhibit Link — 4:175-AP1, E1, Informing Parents About Offender Community Notification Laws

Curriculum Content

 Procedure Link — 6:60-AP, Comprehensive Health Education Program

 Exhibit Link — 6:60-E, Notice to Parents/Guardians of Students Enrolled in Family Life and Sex Education Classes

Education of Children with Disabilities

► Policy Link — 6:120

► Procedure Link — 6:120-AP1, Special Education Procedures Assuring the Implementation of Comprehensive Programming for Children with Disabilities

Education of Homeless Children

► Policy Link — 6:140

► Procedure Link — 6:140-AP, Education of Homeless Children

English Learners

► Policy Link — 6:160

Environmental Quality of Buildings and Grounds

 Procedure Link — 4:160-AP, Environmental Quality of Buildings and Grounds

Equal Educational Opportunities

► Policy Link — 7:10

Expulsion Procedures

► Policy Link — 7:210

Extracurricular and Co­-Curricular Activities

► Policy Link — 6:190

► Procedure Link — 6:190-AP, Eligibility for Participation in Extracurricular Activities

Free and Reduced-­Price Food Services

► Policy Link — 4:130

► Exhibit Link — 4:130-E, Free and Reduced-Price Food Services; Meal Charge Notifications

Grading and Promotion

► Policy Link — 6:280

Harassment of Students Prohibited

► Policy Link — 7:20

Misconduct by Students with Disabilities

► Policy Link — 7:230

Parental Involvement

 Exhibit Link — 8:95-E1, Letter Notifying Parents/Guardians of School Visitation Rights

 Exhibit Link — 8:95-E2, Verification of School Visitation

Prevention of and Response to Bullying, Intimidation, and Harassment

► Policy Link — 7:180

Professional Personnel — Teacher Qualifications

 Exhibit Link — 5:190-E1, Notice to Parents of Their Right to Request Their Child's Classroom Teachers' Qualifications

Programs for Students at Risk of Academic Failure and/or Dropping Out of School and Graduation Incentives Program

► Policy Link — 6:110


► Policy Link — 4:170

► Exhibit Link — 4:170-AP2, E4, Letter to Parents/Guardians About Preventing and Reducing Incidences of Sexting

► Exhibit Link — 4:170-AP6, E1, School Staff AED Notification Letter

School Admissions and Student Transfers To and From Non-District Schools

► Policy Link — 7:50

► Procedure Link — 7:50-AP, School Admissions and Student Transfers To and From Non-District Schools

Search and Seizure

► Policy Link — 7:140

 Exhibit Link — 7:140-E, Letter to Parents/Guardians ­Regarding the Right to Privacy in the School Setting Act

Student and Family Privacy Rights

► Policy Link — 7:15

 Exhibit Link — 7:15-E, Notification to Parents of Family Privacy Rights

Student Appearance

► Policy Link — 7:160

Student Athlete Concussions and Head Injuries

► Policy Link — 7:305

Student Behavior

► Policy Link — 7:190

 Procedure Link — 7:190-AP1, Student Handbook—Hazing Prohibited

► Procedure Link — 7:190-AP2, Student Handbook—Gang Activity Prohibited

 Procedure Link — 7:190-AP5, Student Handbook—Electronic Devices

 Procedure Link — 7:190-AP6, Guidelines for Investigating Sexting Allegations

 Exhibit Link — 7:190-E1, Aggressive Behavior Reporting Letter and Form

Student Records

► Policy Link — 7:340

 Exhibit Link — 7:340-AP1, E1, Notice to Parents/Guardians and Students of Their Rights Concerning a Student’s School Records

 Exhibit Link — 7:340-AP1, E2, Using a Photograph or Video Recording of a Student

 Exhibit Link — 7:340-AP1, E3, Letter to Parents and Eligible Students Concerning Military Recruiters and Postsecondary Institutions Receiving Student Directory Information

 Exhibit Link — 7:340-AP1, E4, Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Military Recruiter Access to Students and Student Information

 Exhibit Link — 7:340-AP1, E5, Biometric Information Collection Authorization 

Suspension Procedures

► Policy Link — 7:200

Teen Dating Violence Prohibited

► Policy Link — 7:185

Title 1 Programs

► Policy Link — 6:170

 Procedure Link — 6:170-AP1, Checklist for Development, Implementation, and Maintenance of Parent and Family Engagement Compacts for the Title I Programs

 Exhibit Link — 6:170-AP1, E1, District-Level Parent and Family Engagement Compact

 Exhibit Link — 6:170-AP1, E2, School-Level Parent and Family Engagement Compact

 Procedure Link — 6:170-AP2, Notice to Parents Required by Elementary and Secondary Education Act, McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act, and Protection of Pupil Rights Act


► Policy Link — 4:110

 Procedure Link — 4:110-AP3, School Bus Safety Rules

Uniform Grievance Procedure

► Policy Link — 2:260

Waiver of Student Fees

► Policy Link — 4:140

 Procedure Link — 4:140-AP, Fines, Fees and Charges—Waiver of Student Fees