Fun with Math? Let's Count the Ways!

Fun with Math? Let's Count the Ways!

PHOTO: Our January family event was called "Math Fun!" — and our students definitely enjoyed doing things like filling cookie jars with the correct number of cookies!

The ECC All-Purpose Room was packed last month with parents and students who participated in our January family event — "Math Fun!"

Ms. Bernadine Edwards, our school social worker and parent education coordinator, put together an engaging variety of math games and activities. The event was held after school on Wednesday, Jan. 25.

Whether it was completing patterns with Skittles or constructing heart graphs or "filling" a cookie jar by drawing or cutting out the correct number of cookies, our students had a chance to practice basic math skills in a fun way, all with the encouragement of their parents.

The subject of our family event — math — coincided nicely with another event that occurred the same day at ECC. Our kindergarteners celebrated 100 days of school by bringing in projects representing the number 100. The celebration included a parade inside the All-Purpose Room and a display of projects.

Enjoy our photos from that day (click each photo to see a larger version), and be on the lookout for the latest news from ECC when our weekly newsletter comes out each Friday.

Photos from ECC's "100 Days of School" and "Math Fun!"

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