Testing, Assessment and Grades

This section of our website provides an overview of how Elm Middle School assesses and measures the academic progress of our students.

Elm’s instruction is aligned with the Common Core State Standards in English language arts and mathematics, and with the Illinois Learning Standards in our other subject areas.

In addition to the many assessments they receive during the course of their regular classes, Elm students also take several standardized tests a year to measure their progress. These required tests include an exam each spring — the PARCC exam — that measures the extent to which our students meet Common Core standards.

The following pages in this section provide additional information about testing, assessment and grades at Elm Middle School, beginning with the standards that guide our instruction.

General questions about Elm testing, assessment and grades should be directed to our principal, Dr. Kathleen Porreca. She can be reached at her email. Specific questions concerning individual classes should be directed to the appropriate classroom teacher.