Food Services at Elm

Elm works with District 401's food service contractor, Aramark, to ensure that our students receive nutritious in-school meals on a daily basis:

► Breakfast is served in the hallway each morning to accommodate our students' busy schedules as they prepare for the school day.

► At lunch time, students can choose from a variety of hot and grab-and-go options that cater to different dining preferences. 

To generate excitement around school lunch, Aramark runs a "FUEL" promotion at Elm every month. Aramark's FUEL program features new monthly thematic food choices.

Meal Menus

Printable menus listing the current month's meals at Elm and all other District 401 schools are available here.

Downloadable copies are also available on the menu page of Aramark's SchoolDish website.

Numbers Snapshot

During the 2015-16 school year, Aramark served:

► 11,735 breakfast meals at Elm

► 24,090 lunch meals at Elm

Elm Food Service Contact

Diana Kapetanos is Aramark’s site manager for food services at Elm. She can be reached by email at this address, or by phone at 708-583-6233.

Aramark District-Level Contact

Aramark’s multi-unit director for District 401 is Michelle Hyman. She can be reached by email at this address, or by phone at 708-484-5773.

District 401's Policy on Food Services

Elm’s student meal operations are governed by District 401's policy on food services, which can be found in Section 4:120 of the Board of Education's District Policy Manual.