Rigorous, standards-based instruction is one part of the academic picture at Elmwood Elementary School.

A broad array of support and enrichment programs is another.

What it all adds up to — after six years in our classrooms — is a well-prepared student body ready to take the next step toward success in middle school, high school and beyond.

To learn more about Elmwood academics, we invite you to visit the pages listed below.

Using PowerSchool


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Subject Areas


► English Language Arts

► Mathematics

► Science

► Social Studies

► Physical Education

► Art

► Music

► Technology

Testing, Assessment & Grades



► Common Core State Standards

► Parent Roadmaps to the Common Core Standards

► Parent Self-Assessment Checklist

► Illinois Learning Standards

► Standardized Testing

► Homework Policy

► Grading Policy

► Report Cards

► Honor Roll

► Promotion Policy

Academic Support & Enrichment


► Gifted and Enrichment Program

► Reading Support Program

► Special Education

► Section 504 Accommodations

► Summer Assignments

► Summer School

► Web Resources