District 401 Enrollment & Fees

NOTE: All active links in our "Enrollment & Fees" section have been updated for 2017-18.

Enrolling in District 401

All District 401 students, whether new or returning, must enroll or re-enroll each school year. This process is also known as “registration.”

► If you are a returning student, visit our Returning Students page for more information and all necessary forms.

► If you are a new student, visit our New/Transfer Students page for more information and all necessary forms.

The District's enrollment/registration procedures are governed by Section 7:50 of the Board of Education's District Policy Manual.

School Fees

Enrollment in District 401 requires the payment of school fees. The amount for each school is set by the District 401 Board of Education

Families are expected to pay their fees unless a fee waiver is obtained.

For More Information

We invite you to learn more about District 401 enrollment procedures and school fees by visiting the pages and consulting the forms listed below.

► Enrollment Requirement

► Residency Verification

► Enrollment FAQ

► For Returning Students

► For New/Transfer Students

► Foreign Language Forms

► Offender Community Notification

► Enrollment If Homeless

► School Fees

► School Fees FAQ

► Payment Form for Returning Students (PDF)

► Payment Form for New/Transfer Students (PDF)

► Online Payments (Webstore)

► Fee Waivers

► Instructions for Waiver Application (PDF)

► Application for Fee Waiver (PDF)

► Free & Reduced-Price Meals