Handbook & Policies

The District 401 Board of Education has established comprehensive policies that govern the educational mission of our district. These can be found in the District Policy Manual and on the District Policies for Student Handbooks page.

In addition, within the boundaries set by the Board of Education, each school has established rules, policies and procedures specific to its own requirements and circumstances.

Student Handbook Overview

John Mills Elementary School’s rules, policies and procedures can be found in our student handbook

The handbook outlines our rules and expectations for students. The document covers topics ranging from homework and grading to student behavior in and out of the classroom. 

Parents and students are expected to be aware of and abide by these rules and expectations. After reviewing the handbook, every student and parent/guardian must review, sign and submit a Parent/Student Sign-Off Sheet

A full explanation of the sign-off requirement can be found here and on our District Policies for Student Handbooks page.

Policy Manual Overview

The online version of the District Policy Manual provides the Board of Education's policies and related regulations in a fully searchable, easy-to-use format.

When you arrive at the online manual, you will see the manual's table of contents on the left-hand side. The table of contents consists entirely of clickable links that will take you directly to the section you want. 

In addition, a search box located above the table of contents allows you to search for policies by specific words or policy number. 

If you need additional help with the manual, a detailed user guide is available here.

As existing policies are revised or new policies approved, the changes will be added automatically to the online manual.

For More Information

We invite you to learn more about the John Mills Student Handbook and the District 401 Policy Manual by visiting the links listed below.

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