Food Services at John Mills

John Mills works with District 401’s food service contractor, Aramark, to ensure that our students receive nutritious in-school meals on a daily basis.   

Each school day, John Mills students are served breakfast, lunch and an afternoon snack.

Meal Menus

Printable menus listing the current month's meals at John Mills and all other District 401 schools are available here.

Downloadable copies are also available on the menu page of Aramark's SchoolDish website.

Numbers Snapshot

During the 2015-16 school year, Aramark served:

► 6,456 breakfast meals at John Mills

► 49,663 lunch meals at John Mills

Special Programs

Aramark offers a few exciting programs for elementary school students to help educate them on the importance of healthy eating.

► ACE Nutrition Mascot Program

This is an interactive approach to educate elementary students about healthful eating. ACE makes periodic visits to help students understand how eating right and staying fit contribute to good health and achievement in academics and other activities.

► ACE Giveaway Days

Once a month, Aramark schedules ACE giveaway days during lunch. Of the students who eat school lunch on the ACE giveaway day, 100 are randomly picked and given an ACE prize.

John Mills Food Service Contact

Vanessa Hernandez is Aramark’s site manager for food services at Elmwood. She can be reached by email at this address or by phone at 708-583-6282.

Aramark District-Level Contact

Aramark’s multi-unit director for District 401 is Michelle Hyman. She can be reached by email at this address, or by phone at 708-484-5773.

District 401’s Policy on Food Services

John Mills’ student meal operations are governed by District 401's policy on food services, which can be found in Section 4:120 of the Board of Education's District Policy Manual.