Press Release: An Update on District 401 Teacher Contract Negotiations

Press Release: An Update on District 401 Teacher Contract Negotiations

NOTE: To download a PDF copy of this press release, click here. All media inquiries should be directed to the District Office at 708-583-5831.

The Board of Education desires to confirm to the Elmwood Park school community that at a meeting on Wednesday, November 1, the District’s teachers failed to ratify a tentative agreement reached between the Board and the teacher negotiations teams. The teachers are represented by the Elmwood Park Educational Team (E.P.E.T.), which is affiliated with the Illinois Education Association.

The negotiations commenced in March 2017, but paused in late July and August until the State resolved the school funding reform impasse. After a total of 12 meetings, the Board and E.P.E.T. negotiations teams reached a tentative agreement on September 27 regarding a new contract reflecting working conditions, salary and benefits. Salary calculations and final contract language were reviewed together and approved by both teams on October 19.

The Board believes that the tentative agreement benefited the students, and was fair to the teachers and taxpayers under the District’s financial circumstances. At the time that the final contract language was reviewed together by both teams on October 19, the E.P.E.T. negotiations team informed the Board team that it would recommend that the teachers ratify the tentative agreement.

The Board is disappointed that the considerable time and effort expended by both negotiations teams did not result in ratification by the teachers. However, the Board remains optimistic that following further consideration, the District’s teachers will ratify a tentative agreement which benefits the students and remains acceptable to the Board and the taxpayers.

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