Allowable FOIA Fees

PLEASE NOTE: This page is for those who are seeking public records from Elmwood Park Community Unit School District 401. This page IS NOT for those who are seeking public records from the Village of Elmwood Park. For information about the Village of Elmwood Park's FOIA procedures, please visit this page.

Pursuant to 5 ILCS 140/4b, portions of which require a public body to post on its website a brief description of any fees allowable under Section 6 of the Illinois Freedom of Information Act, District 401 provides the following fee information:

  • Persons making a request for copies of District 401 public records must pay any and all applicable fees.
  • No copying fees shall be charged for:
  1. the first 50 pages of black and white, letter or legal sized copies, or
  2. electronic copies other than the actual cost of the recording medium, except if the response is to a voluminous request, as defined in FOIA.
  • The fee schedule shall include copying fees and all other fees to the maximum extent they are permitted by FOIA, including without limitation search and review fees for responding to a request for a commercial purpose, and fees, costs and personnel hours in connection with responding to a voluminous request.
  • Copying fees, except when fixed by statute, shall be reasonably calculated to reimburse the District's actual cost for reproducing and certifying public records and for the use, by any person, of its equipment to copy records.
  • In no case shall the copying fees exceed the maximum fees permitted by FOIA.
  • If the District's actual copying costs are equal to or greater than the maximum fees permitted by FOIA, the Freedom of Information officer is authorized to use FOIA's maximum fees as the District's fees.
  • A fee reduction is available if the request qualifies under Section 6 of FOIA. The Freedom of Information officer shall set the amount of the reduction taking into consideration the amount of material requested and the cost of copying it.

District 401's Policy on Public Records

The full text of the Board of Education's policy and procedures concerning access to District public records can be found in Section 2:250 of the District Policy Manual

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