Board Goals

For School Years 2021-22, 2022-23, 2023-24

The Board of Education provides a roadmap for District 401 by establishing goals and action items to be achieved over a multi-year period. The most recent goals were approved in the spring of 2021 and cover the school years 2021-22 through 2023-24.

The full text of the goals, along with their corresponding action items, can be found below. Scroll down or use the following links to jump directly to specific subject areas:

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In addition, a PDF copy of the goals, which received final approval from the Board of Education on June 16, 2021, is available at this link.

1. Facilities


Have facilities that are reflective of and are conducive to student learning.


a. Develop and maintain a facilities plan that will include the following:

i. Items remaining from District’s 10-Year Life Safety Audit
ii. Anticipated Maintenance Needs
iii. Required and desired improvements
iv. Tasks and projects to maintain the District’s buildings and facilities

b. Renovate John Mills and Elmwood as proposed in the 2020 referendum.

i. Work with architect to develop a renovation plan for Elmwood and John Mills.
ii. Provide updates on the progress of the renovations at Elmwood and John Mills.

c. Provide a safe and visibly pleasing environment for student learning.

i. Provide the necessary staff to maintain the cleaning and upkeep of facilities.
ii. Work with staff to provide the necessary training and guidance to maximize staff productivity.
iii. Develop a plan to update painting and other cosmetic updates.

2. Finances


Maintain fiscal responsibility.


a. The District will develop staffing and facility improvement plans that are within the anticipated District revenues.

b. The District Office will present to the Board of Education an update on budget expenditures each semester and advise the Board of Education of any needed changes.

c. The District Office will evaluate instructional and operational plans and procedures. The District will use the information from the evaluation to prioritize reductions when necessary.

3. District-Community Relationship


Enhance communication with stakeholders through open and timely dialogue.


a. The District will provide clear and consistent communication to stakeholders.

i. Develop and maintain timely protocol for communicating out to stakeholders.
ii. Communication will be provided by teachers, building administration and District Office.
iii. Communication will include academic feedback.

b. The District will provide communication in multiple ways to reach all stakeholders.

i. Review and enhance tools used for communicating to reach all stakeholders.

4. Programs/Services/Curriculum


Expand upon learning opportunities that can be supported and sustained.


a. The District will maintain consistency across all four buildings:

i. Articulated K-12 curriculum for all content areas
ii. College & Career Pathways consistently offered starting at 6th grade
iii. Extracurricular opportunities consistent at the elementary buildings
iv. Instructional minutes consistent for the content areas at the elementary buildings
v. Common grading and assessment practices

b. The District will provide appropriate student interventions to meet the needs of all learners:

i. PreK-12 multi-tiered system of supports (MTSS) process in place

  1. Data collection and analysis is valid and reliable.
  2. Problem-solving meetings take place at all buildings.

ii. Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) are in place at all four buildings

  1. PLCs meet weekly to analyze data and determine appropriate student instruction.

5. Student Needs


Create and implement strategic plans to meet the needs of all students.


a. Develop a multi-year social-emotional learning (SEL) strategic plan.

i. Provide the necessary professional development, guidance and resources to support the implementation of SEL.

b. Develop a plan to ensure that all students have equal access to opportunities available within the District.

i. Provide the necessary professional development, guidance and resources to support the implementation of this plan.

c. The District will provide appropriate student services and supports to meet the needs of all learners.

i. Revise and review the District's current student services and make adjustments when necessary.
ii. Continue to expand on partnerships with agencies that support the needs of students within the District.