Bus Routes

NOTE: This page will be updated with Elm's 2020-21 bus schedule as soon as it becomes available. The information below pertains to 2019-20 only.

Bus service is provided for Elm Middle School students who live north of the railroad tracks. To download a printable PDF form containing the bus routes, click here.

Bus ID Cards

Students who have been identified as needing access to bus services will be given a color-coded ID card with the bus number printed on it. This is the only bus they are permitted to ride.

All students must have an ID to ride the bus during the school year. This rule is in place for safely and security reasons. 

Students will always be allowed to ride the bus to school if they have lost or misplaced their ID. There are no "bus passes.” 

To ride the bus after school, students must have an ID. This includes the 4:05 p.m. activity bus. 

Pick-Up Times

Morning pick-up times may be adjusted at the beginning of each school year. 

Students should be at their corner by 7:20 a.m. each day school is in session. 

The exact arrival time of a student's bus may vary due to traffic or weather conditions, but buses will never arrive earlier than 7:20. 

Students should dress appropriately for the outside weather.

Bus No. 1

► George & 76th
► George & 77th
► Wellington & 79th Avenue
► Barry & 79th Avenue
► Barry & 78th Avenue
► Barry & 77th Avenue
► Barry & 76th Avenue

Bus No. 2

► George & 75th Avenue 
► George & 74th Avenue 
► George & 73rd Avenue 

Bus No. 3

► Schubert & 73rd Avenue
► Schubert & 74th Avenue
► Schubert & 75th Avenue
► Schubert & 76th Avenue 

Bus No. 4

► Altgeld & 73rd Court
► Altgeld & 72nd Court
► Wrightwood & 73rd Avenue
► Wrightwood & 74th Avenue
► Wrightwood & 75th Avenue
► Wrightwood & 76th Avenue

Bus No. 5

► Schubert & Sunset
► Schubert & 78th Avenue
► Birchdale & Diversey
► Birchdale & 80th Avenue
► Sunset & 80th Avenue
► George/Elmgrove & 78th Avenue