Parent/Student Sign-Off Requirement

Each District 401 school has a student handbook. After reviewing the applicable handbook, every student and parent/guardian must review, sign and submit a Parent/Student Sign-Off Sheet.

One sign-off sheet must be submitted for each student.

Where to Find Sign-Off Sheets

The sheet is available in English, Polish and Spanish. Downloadable PDF versions can be found at the following links:

Sign-off sheet in English
Sign-off sheet in Polish — updated sheet to be posted
Sign-off sheet in Spanish — updated sheet to be posted

What Signing the Sheet Means

Completing a Parent/Student Sign-Off Sheet indicates that the signers understand and accept the handbook that applies to them, and that they also understand and accept all five parts of the sign-off sheet. These parts are:

► Part 1 | District Policies for Student Handbooks
Please read Part 1 in the sign-off sheet and see below — "District Policies for Sign-Off"
► Part 2 | Cellular Phone Acceptable Use Policy and Parental Permission
Please read Part 2 in the sign-off sheet
► Part 3 | Using a Photograph or Video Recording of a Student
Please read Part 3 in the sign-off sheet
► Part 4 | Electronic Communication
Please read Part 4 in the sign-off sheet
► Part 5 | Notice for Directory Information
Please read Part 5 in the sign-off sheet

Each of these five parts is explained in the sign-off sheet. See below for links to the policies, procedures and exhibits that must be reviewed for Part 1.

Due Date

Please return the sign-off sheet no later than five school days after the student’s first day of classes. This form will also be included in each student’s beginning-of-the-year packet.

Policies Subject to Change

Please note that District 401 policies as well as individual school policies are subject to change at any time.