Visiting a District 401 School

Planning to visit any of District 401's schools? Please be aware of the rules and guidelines listed below. They have been implemented to ensure the safety and security of all students and employees within our buildings.

Visitors are expected to abide by all school rules as well as District 401's policy on visitor conduct, which can be found in Section 8:30 of the Board of Education's District Policy Manual.

A visitor who fails to conduct himself or herself in a manner that is appropriate will be asked to leave and may be subject to criminal penalties for trespass and/or disruptive behavior.

Required Procedures

Visitors to any District 401 school must follow the procedures listed below. They are designed to ensure the safety and security of our students and employees. 

  • All visitors to school property are required to report to the building security entrance and receive permission to remain on school property.
  • All visitors must sign a visitor's log, show identification and wear a visitor's badge.
  • When leaving the school, visitors must return their badge.

On those occasions when large groups of parents and friends are invited onto school property, visitors are not required to sign in but must follow school officials' instructions.

Persons on school property without permission will be directed to leave and may be subject to criminal prosecution.

Making Appointments

Except as provided in the final paragraph of this subsection, any person wishing to confer with a staff member should contact that staff member by telephone or email to make an appointment.

Conferences with teachers are held, to the extent possible, outside school hours or during the teacher’s conference/preparation period.

Requests to access a school building, facility and/or educational program, or to interview personnel or a student for purposes of assessing the student’s special education needs, should be made at the appropriate building. Access shall be facilitated according to guidelines from the Superintendent or designee.

District 401's Policy on Visitor Conduct

As stated in Section 8:30 of the Board of Education's Policy Manual, District 401 expects mutual respect, civility and orderly conduct among all people on school property or at a school event. 

No person on school property or at a school event (including visitors, students and employees) shall perform any of acts listed below.

Per Board Policy 8:30, the following behavior is prohibited on District 401 school property:

  1. Striking, injuring, threatening, harassing or intimidating a staff member, Board member, sports official, coach or any other person
  2. Behaving in an unsportsmanlike manner or use vulgar or obscene language
  3. Unless specifically permitted by State law, possessing a weapon, any object that can reasonably be considered a weapon or looks like a weapon, or any dangerous device
  4. Damaging or threatening to damage another's property
  5. Damaging or defacing school property
  6. Violating any Illinois law or town or county ordinance
  7. Smoking or otherwise using tobacco products
  8. Distributing, consuming, using, possessing or being under the influence of an alcoholic beverage or illegal drug
  9. Being present when the person's alcohol or illegal drug consumption is detectible, regardless of when and / or where the use occurred
  10. Using or possessing medical cannabis
  11. Impeding, delaying, disrupting or otherwise interfering with any school activity or function (including using cellular phones in a disruptive manner)
  12. Entering upon any portion of school premises at any time for purposes other than those that are lawful and authorized by the Board
  13. Operating a motor vehicle: (a) in a risky manner, (b) in excess of 20 miles per hour or (c) in violation of an authorized District employee's directive
  14. Engaging in any risky behavior, including roller-blading, roller-skating or skateboarding
  15. Violating other District policies or regulations, or a directive from an authorized security officer or District employee
  16. Engaging in any conduct that interferes with, disrupts or adversely affects the District or a school function