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Elmwood Park High School's art program, a division within the school's Fine Arts Department, is committed to providing hands-on creative experiences to all students.

Our curriculum is aligned with the Illinois Fine Arts Learning Standards, which reflect best practices and emphasize learning through the four artistic processes. For the visual arts, these processes are:

  • Creating — Conceiving and developing new artistic ideas and work

  • Presenting — Interpreting and sharing artistic work
  • Responding — Understanding and evaluating how art conveys meaning
  • Connecting — Relating artistic ideas and work to larger meanings and context

The EPHS art program enables students to immerse themselves in these processes by working with a variety of forms, structures, materials, concepts, media and art-making approaches.

A Range of Options

Our classes challenge students to fuse imagination and reflection, creativity and problem-solving, inspiration and persistence.

The program's introductory course — Intro to Art — establishes the foundation by developing student skills in drawing, painting and ceramics.

Once students have completed the one-semester prerequisite, they are well prepared to move on to more specialized courses in 2D art (e.g., Drawing, Painting) and 3D art (e.g., Ceramics and Sculpture).