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The Mathematics Department provides courses that range from Algebra I for freshmen to AP Calculus AB and BC for juniors and seniors.

Our standards-aligned instruction includes Core-Plus Mathematics, a four-year curriculum for accelerated students.

As part of our use of technology in the classroom, all courses in the EPHS mathematics curriculum require any version of the TI-84 graphing calculator.

Math Class Placement Policy

Our procedure with regard to students changing levels in EPHS math courses (e.g., moving from regular to accelerated coursework) is as follows:

  • Regular to Accelerated
    • A student may transfer from a regular-level to an accelerated-level mathematics class if the student has demonstrated mastery at a regular level and is recommended by the student's current math teacher.
  • Accelerated to Regular
    • A student may transfer from an accelerated level to a regular level only by recommendation of the Math Department or administrative approval.
  • If a Grade of D is Received.
    • A student who receives a grade of D in an accelerated mathematics class may not register for the next course in that accelerated sequence unless recommended to continue by the student's current math teacher.