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Kinetic Wellness

Below are descriptions of the kinetic wellness courses offered at Elm Middle School. 

Kinetic Wellness: Team Activities

Grade level: 6-8

The Team Activities program provides for skill development in a sequential order, which will be carried over in the high school program. The emphasis in the 6-8 program is on developing understanding and skills to be used through participation in all physical activities. Throughout the year, students will have the opportunity to participate in team sports, recreational activities, cardiovascular endurance training, strength development and flexibility exercises. This will expose the student to lifelong fitness activities that benefit their health.

Kinetic Wellness: Health & Wellbeing

Grade Level: 6, 8

Art 7 invites students to look nearby and around. Through art making, students will contemplate and explore how their identity, their sense of self, is rooted within relationships and is influenced by how they present themselves and by how they believe others see them. They will draw inspiration from connections to immediate and local groups, such as families, peers and the community. They will sift — or prospect — for connections that resonate, that provide a sense of belonging, and that they want to foster and incorporate into their identity as they simultaneously individuate and connect.