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Middle School Homework Policy

Elm Middle School students are expected to complete homework on time. We encourage families to set up regular hours at home during which students can focus on their work.

Making Up Missed Assignments

Students are responsible for making up any assignments they may have missed due to any absence, excused or unexcused. 

It is the student’s responsibility to keep track of missed assignments by communicating with his or her teachers. If a student is too ill to email teachers on their own, we recommend the student get healthy before worrying about completing make-up work.

Time Allowed for Making Up Assignments

In the case of illness, our homework policy gives students a reasonable amount of time before they are expected to complete the work they’ve missed. This means:

  • For each day spent at home due to an excused absence, one day is given to make up and turn in the work.
  • For example, if a student is out for three days, the student has three days to make up any missed assignments.  

Picking Up Books for Sick Students

Parents of students who are ill may pick up books from their children’s lockers between 7:30 a.m. and 4 p.m.

District 401's Policy on Homework

Elm's homework rules and procedures are governed by District 401's policy on homework, which can be found in Section 6:290 of the Board of Education's District Policy Manual:

Homework is part of the District's instructional program and has the overarching goal of increasing student achievement. Homework is assigned to further a student’s educational development and is an application or adaptation of a classroom experience. The Superintendent shall provide guidance to ensure that homework…

  1. Is used to reinforce and apply previously covered concepts, principles and skills;    
  2. Is not assigned for disciplinary purposes;    
  3. Serves as a communication link between the school and parents/guardians;    
  4. Encourages independent thought, self-direction and self-discipline; and    
  5. Is of appropriate frequency and length, and does not become excessive, according to the teacher's best professional judgment.