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Retake Protocol for K-8 Standards-Based Grading

District 401 provides one retake opportunity per summative assessment. Below are the following protocols per grade band for standards-based grading (SBG).

Grades K-2

Teachers of students in grades K-2 reteach and reassess as needed, and may offer the opportunity to retake a summative assessment or portion of a summative assessment if their score is discrepant from observed classroom performance. If applicable, students will be offered one retake per summative assessment.

K-2 teachers will fill out this retake documentation form to document that a retake opportunity has been provided to a student. If the student scores higher on the retake, the new score should replace the original summative grade in PowerSchool. Parental requests for retakes will be reviewed by the teacher and building principal on a case-by-case basis.

Grades 3-8

In grades 3-6, retakes are designed to allow students a second opportunity to demonstrate their mastery of a standard when they believe the initial summative assessment's score does not accurately reflect their performance. Students should fill out the following forms (grades 3-5 ogrades 6-8) to request a retake. Conditions for retake opportunities are outlined below:

  • Students will be provided with one (1) retake opportunity, per summative assessment.
  • The retake will take place within two weeks of the initial summative assessment or by the end of the trimester — whichever is sooner.
  • Students will only retake the parts of a summative assessment that are aligned to the specific unmastered priority standard(s).
  • Students will receive a new score based on their retake performance. Students can only increase their scores; retakes will not result in a lower score than the initial summative assessment.