Board Meeting Procedures

The procedures of District 401 Board of Education meetings are governed by District Policy 2:220 as well as by the Illinois Open Meetings Act and all other applicable legal requirements.


The Board of Education President is responsible for focusing the Board meeting agendas on appropriate content. The Superintendent shall prepare agendas in consultation with the Board President.

The Superintendent shall provide a copy of the agenda, with adequate data and background information, to each Board member as provided by law.

Each Board meeting agenda shall contain the general subject matter of any item that will be the subject of final action at the meeting. 

The Board will take final action only on items contained in the posted agenda. Items not on the agenda may still be discussed.

Voting Method

Unless otherwise provided by law, when a vote is taken upon any measure before the Board, with a quorum being present, a majority of the votes cast shall determine its outcome. The sequence for casting votes is rotated.

On all questions involving the expenditure of money and on all questions involving the closing of a meeting to the public, a roll call vote shall be taken and entered in the Board's minutes. 


The Board recording secretary shall keep written minutes of all Board meetings. The minutes shall be submitted to the Board for approval or modification at its next regularly scheduled open meeting.

The Board's open meeting minutes shall be posted on the District website within 10 days after the Board approves them. The minutes will remain posted for at least 60 days.

Verbatim Record of Closed Meetings

The Superintendent, or the Board Secretary when the Superintendent is absent, shall audio record all closed meetings. If neither is present, the Board President or presiding officer shall assume this responsibility.

After the closed meeting, the person making the audio recording shall label the recording with the date and store it in a secure location. 

Quorum and Participation by Audio or Video

A quorum of the Board must be physically present at all Board meetings. A majority of the full membership of the seven-member Board constitutes a quorum.

Provided a quorum is physically present, a Board member may attend a meeting by video or audio conference if he or she is prevented from physically attending because of personal illness or disability, employment or District business, or a family or other emergency. 

Rules of Order

Unless state law or Board-adopted rules apply, the Board President, as the presiding officer, will use Robert's Rules of Order, Newly Revised (10th Edition), as a guide when a question arises concerning procedure.

Broadcasting and Recording of Board Meetings

Any person may record or broadcast an open Board meeting. Special requests to facilitate recording or broadcasting an open Board meeting, such as seating, writing surfaces, lighting and access to electrical power, should be directed to the Superintendent at least 24 hours before the meeting.

Recording meetings shall not distract or disturb Board members, other meeting participants or members of the public.

The Board President may designate a location for recording equipment, may restrict the movements of individuals who are using recording equipment, or may take such other steps as are deemed necessary to preserve decorum and facilitate the meeting.

For More Information

Additional information about District 401 Board of Education meeting procedures can be found in Section 2:220 of the District Policy Manual.