Long-Range Plan & Goals

In October 2016, the District 401 Board of Education approved a Long-Range Plan for the Elmwood Park Public Schools for 2016-20. This plan builds on the Board's earlier Long-Range Plan for 2012-16, a copy of which can be found here

The Board's Long-Range Plan for 2016-20 covers three main areas:

► Curriculum / Instruction / Technology / Activities
► Facilities and Operations
► Finance and Human Resources

Curriculum / Instruction / Technology / Activities

  1. Continue alignment of instruction to the Common Core State Standards and Career/College Readiness Standards in order to meet and exceed the annual State academic performance averages in math, reading, language arts and science.
  2. Provide high quality, relevant professional development for educators based on the identified needs of the District, including technology learning tools.
  3. Assess and improve District infrastructure annually to handle growing technology needs.
  4. Complete a full 1-to-1 technology implementation in grades 7-12 and a cart-based saturation of devices in grades K-6 by 2020.
  5. Convert instructional materials acquisition from textbooks to electronic learning materials.
  6. Review and provide a variety of high-quality curricular and extra-curricular experiences for students. 
  7. Study the feasibility of moving kindergarten back to the elementary buildings with the addition of a full-day program.
  8. Plan for the recruitment and hiring of a new Superintendent upon the departure of Dr. Anderson.

Facilities and Operations

  1. Plan for capital improvements, facility expansion and major upgrades as needed within a consistent cycle of maintenance and repair as identified by the District’s Life/Safety Plan.
  2. Develop a plan for the exterior landscaping beautification of District facilities.
  3. Collaborate consistently with the Village of Elmwood Park on facility usage for youth recreation groups, safety issues and issues of joint importance.

Finance and Human Resources

  1. Plan for the allocation of funds and debt service to complete curricular and facility improvements.
  2. Provide an annual balanced budget for District operations.
  3. Annually review and determine cost efficiencies related to personnel, programs, purchasing, maintenance and transportation.
  4. Provide accurate and effective financial and human resource services to all District employees and families.