Types of Board Meetings

For all meetings of the District 401 Board of Education and its committees, the Superintendent or his designee shall satisfy all notice and posting requirements contained in District Policy 2:200 as well as in the Illinois Open Meetings Act.

This shall include mailing notifications to news media that have officially requested them and to others as approved by the Board.

Unless otherwise specified, all meetings are held at Elmwood Park High School.

Regular Meetings

The Board announces the time and place for its regular meetings at the beginning of each fiscal year. The Board meets once a month from August to June, usually the third Wednesday of the month unless otherwise noted.

The regular meeting calendar may be changed with 10 days' notice in accordance with State law.

A meeting agenda shall be posted at least 48 hours before the meeting. The posting shall be at District 401's main office and at the Board's regular meeting room, or at any other location where the meeting is to be held.

Closed Meetings

The Board and Board committees may meet in a closed meeting to consider any subjects listed as exceptions to the Open Meetings Act. No final Board action will be taken at a closed meeting.

The Board may hold a closed meeting, or close a portion of a meeting, by a majority vote of a quorum, taken at an open meeting. The vote of each Board member present, and the reason for the closed meeting, will be publicly disclosed at the time of the meeting and clearly stated in the motion and the meeting minutes.

A motion calling for a series of closed meetings may be adopted when such meetings will involve the same particular matters and are scheduled to be held within three months of the vote.

Reconvened or Rescheduled Meetings

A meeting may be rescheduled or reconvened.

Public notice of a rescheduled or reconvened meeting shall be given in the same manner as that for a special meeting, except that no public notice is required when the original meeting is open to the public and:

  1. is to be reconvened within 24 hours, or
  2. an announcement of the time and place of the reconvened meeting was made at the original meeting and there is no change in the agenda.

Special Meetings

Special meetings may be called by the president or by any three members of the Board.

Those calling the special meeting must give notice thereof, in writing, stating the time, place and purpose of the meeting to the remaining Board members by mail at least 48 hours before the meeting, or by personal service at least 24 hours before the meeting.

Public notice of a special meeting is given by posting a notice at District 401's main office at least 48 hours before the meeting and by notifying the news media that have filed a written request for notice. A meeting agenda shall accompany the notice.

All matters discussed by the Board at any special meeting must be related to a subject on the meeting agenda.

Emergency Meetings

Public notice of emergency meetings shall be given as soon as practical. This shall include giving notice before the meeting to news media that have filed a written request for notice.

Posting on the District Website

In addition to the other notices specified on this page, the Superintendent or his designee shall post the following on the District 401 website:

  • The annual schedule of regular meetings, which shall remain posted until the Board approves a new schedule of regular meetings.
  • A public notice of all Board meetings.
  • The agenda for each meeting, which shall remain posted until the meeting is concluded.

For More Information

Additional information about the different types of Board of Education meetings can be found in Section 2:200 of the District Policy Manual.