Continuum of EL Services

District 401 offers a wide range of services and programs to support its diverse student population. The District offers the following continuum of services to support English Learners.

Transitional Bilingual Education (TBE)

Our self-contained TBE Spanish program offers support to students in pre-K through 3rd grade and provides instruction in Spanish moving toward gradual increase in English language instruction to support the academic achievement of our Spanish language students.

After 3rd grade, as students attain proficiency in English, they receive support in a general education setting from certified EL teachers.

Some buildings also offer Polish native-language instruction to students who may need it in a resource model.

Transitional Program of Instruction (TPI)

We also offer EL instruction to children who speak languages other than Spanish or Polish. We support students within the general education setting wherever possible.

Our dedicated EL teachers join our general education teachers in the classroom to provide a collaborative and holistic approach to academic and English learning.

Newcomer Program

Students who are new to learning English may also qualify for our newcomer program.

Newcomers benefit from a short-term program that teaches English and acculturation to the United States. Students attend special classes for short periods of time separate from their native English-speaking peers.

Student Identification

Illinois requires that any child registering in a public school district have a completed Home Language Survey (HLS) on file.

District 401 uses the HLS to identify and screen any student who speaks a language other than English or lives in a home where a language other than English is spoken.