Digital Learning in Action

The following videos provide an insight into how digital learning tools empower the teachers, students and administrators of District 401.

The videos were made by Savvas Learning, a leading educational publisher and interactive curriculum developer. Savvas Realize is the digital platform that houses our two English language arts curriculum programs — ReadyGEN for grades K-5 and myPerspectives for grades 6-12.

Although the videos focus on Savvas Realize and the teaching of English language arts, they make a larger point applicable to our curriculum as a whole: Digital tools have revolutionized the classroom experience for the benefit of our students and educators alike.

Video 1

How Our Digital Platform Complements Google Classroom

Video 2

How Our Digital Platform Encourages Personalized Learning

Video 3

How Our Digital Platform Saves Time

Video 4

How Classroom Data Helps Our Teachers and Students

CREDITS: All videos produced by Pearson. Learn more at Pearson Digital Learning.