Digital Learning in Action

The following videos provide an insight into how digital learning tools empower the teachers, students and administrators of District 401

The videos were made by Pearson, a leading educational publisher and interactive curriculum developer. Pearson Realize is the digital platform that houses our two English language arts curriculum programs — ReadyGEN for grades K-5 and myPerspectives for grades 6-12.

Although the videos focus on Pearson Realize and the teaching of English language arts, they make a larger point applicable to our curriculum as a whole: Digital tools have revolutionized the classroom experience for the benefit of our students and educators alike.  

Video 1

How Our English Language Arts Platform Complements Google Classroom

Video 2

How Our English Language Arts Platform Encourages Personalized Learning

Video 3

How Our English Language Arts Platform Generates Classroom Data

Video 4

How Classroom Data Helps Our Teachers and Students

CREDITS: All videos produced by Pearson. Learn more at Pearson Digital Learning.