District Technology Committee

The mission of the District Technology Committee is to support the implementation of District 401's Technology Initiative, which went into effect in 2016.

The committee does this by bringing together administrators, teachers, students and community members to review, modify, create and support instructional technology plans and procedures.

Goals for Technology Use

The committee's work is informed and guided by District 401's overarching goals for the use of instructional technology. These goals are:

  1. To improve student achievement and academic growth.
  2. To enhance the curriculum.
  3. To integrate technology into the curriculum to increase academic opportunities.
  4. To increase 21st-century technology skills of all students and staff.
  5. To expand the academic environment outside of the traditional school day.
  6. To educate staff members on the importance of instructional technology best practices and social media skills and give professional opportunities to all staff members.
  7. To create a learning environment that supports differentiated and personalized learning.

Committee Responsibilities

Since 2016, the District Technology Committee has met regularly during the school year to fulfill its main responsibilities. These are: 

  • To examine and recommend technology-related procedures on a continual basis to address the needs of instruction.
  • To provide an opportunity to collaborate on determining the District's technology.
  • To supply feedback on recommendations made by the District's director for instructional technology and director for technology concerning the implementation and use of existing and emerging technologies.
  • To communicate policies and procedures to staff and parents.
  • To encourage and support innovative technology use and practices.
  • To assess the technology needs and concerns of staff.
  • To explore and recommend the implementation of emerging technologies.
  • To explore and apply grant opportunities related to technology needs.
  • To supply input for professional development needs of the District.
  • To use researched-based information in all work related to instructional technology.