Summer Academy | Grades 9-12

Elmwood Park High School students can earn credit toward graduation during the summer.

Students can get ahead in their required classes or recover credits through the EPHS Summer Academy, which uses Apex Learning, an online educational platform.

Using Apex Learning, students work individually, with teacher monitoring, frequent check-ins and instructional assistance as needed, all conducted by certified EPHS staff.

Why Attend?

Students may take courses during the summer to make up for a failed class (credit recovery) or to earn required credits more quickly than the standard timetable (credit advancement).

Credit advancement is primarily for students who want to free up their schedule so they can enroll in Advanced Placement and/or dual credit courses.

What Courses May Students Take?

Those wishing to earn credit recovery for a course that was previously failed may do so in the following areas:

► Core areas (English, math, science and social studies)
► Noncore elective areas

Those wishing to advance their coursework — i.e., students who want to "get ahead" with their graduation requirements — may do so in the following areas:

► Noncore elective areas only

Noncore elective areas include foreign language, consumer education, physical education and health, as well as other elective options available through Apex.

For a full list of courses that can be taken for either credit recovery or credit advancement, please refer to the "Available Courses" section below.

About the 2019 Summer EPHS Program

NOTE: Information about the 2019 program will be posted here soon.

About Last Year's Program

As we await details about the 2019 summer program, here's a recap of last year's offerings.

Classes for the 2018 summer program were held at EPHS from 8 a.m. to noon Monday through Friday from early June to mid-July. There was no class on the Fourth of July.

The cost for District 401 students was $275 for 1.0 credit and $137.50 for 0.5 credits. The cost for out-of-district students was $375.

Our 2018 Summer Academy is explained in greater detail below. Click the section(s) you would like to learn more about.

The brochure for the District's 2018 EPHS Summer Academy is now available. For information about classes and registration, please click the link below. The registration form is located on the final page of the document.

► 2018 EPHS Summer Academy Brochure & Registration Form

A link to the brochure and registration form is also available in the left-hand column of this page.

A complete course catalog is available at Apex Learning. The final decision regarding how an elective course will count toward graduation will be made by EPHS counselors and administration.






Effective Writing

Algebra I



English 9



World History

English 10

Algebra II


U.S. History

English 11



English 12




Physical Education

Consumer Education

Any course listed under the following categories on the APEX website:
(1) World Language, (2) Electives or (3) CTE

A student may be enrolled in only one APEX course at a time.

If a student is able to complete a course before the deadline, the student may choose to take a second course if he or she pays the fee for a second course. All deadlines and attendance policies apply to the second course enrollment.

Courses listed as "One Semester" in length are 0.5 credits. Courses listed as "Two Semesters" in length are 1.0 credits.

For information about registration deadlines, costs, payments and related details, see below.

Registration Deadline
General registration should be submitted to the Registrar’s Office at Elmwood Park High School by May 25.

Late Registration Deadline
Late registration may be accepted up until May 30, but a late registration fee may be assessed.

The cost for District 401 students is $275 for 1.0 credit and $137.50 for 0.5 credits. For out-of-district students the cost is $375.

Minimum Deposit Due
A minimum deposit of $100 is due at the time of registration.

Full Payment Due
Payment in full is required by June 4, which is the first day of class.

If Payment Not Made
If full payment has not been received by that date, the student will not be allowed to attend.

There are no refunds once the student has begun class.

Students who register for Summer Academy understand that a minimum of 90 percent of all required computer work and all printed work must be submitted in order to be considered for credit.

If a student does not complete at least 90 percent of the course by the deadline date, no credit and no grade will be issued. There will be no refund issued.

All work must be submitted on or prior to noon Friday, July 13.

A course grade will be determined based on quality and completion of the work submitted. Grades will be issued by no later than Aug. 3.

A student earning a course grade of A, B, C or D will receive credit for the course.

Students from outside the District and any student completing work for credit recovery will follow the attendance policy stated below.

► Students are expected to report to the classroom by 8 a.m. each day.

► Students who report to the classroom between 8 a.m. and 8:30 a.m. will be issued a tardy.

► Students who do not attend class or report to the classroom after 8:30 a.m. will be issued an absence.

► The accumulation of three tardies will be the equivalent of one absence.

► If any student is absent in excess of three times, the teacher will conference with the parents/guardians.

► If any student is absent four or more times, his or her credit will be in jeopardy.

► Excessive absences and/or excessive behavioral issues could result in removal from a class. No refund will be issued if a student is removed due to this situation.

► If a student successfully completes and submits all required computer work and written work for the course prior to July 13, the student will be excused from the remainder of the classes.

Students who are enrolled at Elmwood Park High School for the 2018-19 school year and who are completing coursework to advance their credits (not recovering lost credits due to failures) will follow the attendance policy stated below.

► Students are required to attend class on Monday, June 4, from 8 a.m. to noon.

► After the first week, students are expected to attend one meeting per week for a minimum of 30 minutes. This time will be used to submit written work and to conference with the instructor regarding work and progress. Each individual will work with the instructor to create a schedule for this meeting to take place weekly.

► Students are excused from attending all other class sessions. However, they are welcome and encouraged to attend class as needed.

► If a student completes and submits all required computer work and written work for the course prior to July 13, the student will be excused from the remainder of the classes.

If you have questions about the EPHS Summer Academy, please contact:

Ms. Kyleen Coia
Assistant Principal, EPHS