Grading in District 401 Schools

The process of grading and reporting academic achievement is governed by District 401's policy on grading and promotion, as stated in Section 6:280 of the Board of Education's Policy Manual.

According to this policy, every teacher shall maintain an evaluation record for each student in the teacher's classroom. A District administrator cannot change the final grade assigned by the teacher without notifying the teacher.

Reasons for changing a student's final grade include:  

► A miscalculation of test scores  
► A technical error in assigning a particular grade or score
► The teacher agreeing to allow the student to do extra work that may impact the grade
► An inappropriate grading system used to determine the grade
► An inappropriate grade based on an appropriate grading system   

If a grade is changed, the administrator making the change must sign the changed record.

In accordance with District policy, each school has formulated a grading system. The grading systems for the District's elementary schools, middle school and high school are located below.

In addition, throughout the 2019-20 school year the District's elementary schools will be a part of a standards-based grading and reporting pilot. To learn more about the pilot, click here.

To indicate scholastic progress, District 401's two elementary schools, Elmwood and John Mills, use the numerical scale listed below.


97-100 B+ 87-89 C+ 77-79 D+ 67-69 F 0-59



B 84-86 C 74-76 D 64-66    



B- 80-83 C- 70-73 D- 60-63    

Please note that incomplete grades must be made up by the end of the next grading period. Any incomplete grades not completed will become a grade of "F."

Checking Progress with PowerSchool

Grades and student progress on individual assignments are accessible for viewing by parents through PowerSchool.

Authorized parents and guardians can receive user names and passwords from the office that will enable them to view their child's information.

Issuance of Report Cards

Report cards are distributed four times a year. The final report cards will be given out on the last day of school.

To indicate scholastic progress, Elm Middle School uses the numerical scale listed below.


90-100     D 60-69     LT Late Transfer



    F 0-59     I Incomplete



            SE Showing Effort (Working Toward Standards)

Turning "Incomplete" into a Passing Grade

"Incomplete" is a temporary grade that a student may receive in one or more classes if required assignments are not turned in by the end of a quarter due to documented illness or other extreme circumstances beyond the student's control.

Arrangements will then need to be worked out with teachers, and work must be completed within a two-week period of time in order to receive a passing grade for any course marked as incomplete.

Academic Support for Students Earning Low Grades

Elm students are expected to earn passing grades in each of their classes. For students having trouble meeting those expectations, we offer support through:

► Academic Advisory classes held for 30 minutes Monday through Friday
► Morning support classes during the 30-minute Exploratory period
► Assistance given in the classroom
► Computer Club (Homework Club) after school from 3:10 to 4 p.m.

Checking Progress with PowerSchool

Students and parents are encouraged to check grades and assignments on PowerSchool regularly. All students and parents have logins to PowerSchool.

Printed progress reports can be made available if a parent does not have access to technology to check grades.

Issuance of Report Cards

Report cards are issued to students every nine weeks during the school year. See the school calendar for these dates. 

To indicate scholastic progress, Elmwood Park High School uses the grades and percentage ranges listed below.


90-100 percent



Withdrawn — Pass


80-89.9 percent



Withdrawn — Fail


70-79.9 percent





60-69.9 percent





0-59.9 percent




Please note that incomplete grades must be made up by the end of the next grading period. Any incomplete grades not completed will become a grade of "F."

Grading Practices

Each department and/or grade-level team determines the specific criteria that constitutes an issued grade for the course.

1. Grades are determined by components of performance evaluated throughout the course, which may include but are not limited to:

► Tests/quizzes
► Projects/presentations
► Participation
► Homework

2. The grade in a quarter-long course is determined by the following:

► 80% of quarter term + 20% of exam term
(Seniors with a letter grade of "B" or above may be exempt from the quarter exam at the teacher's discretion.)

3. The grade in a semester-long course is determined by the following:

► 40% of first quarter Term + 10% of first exam term
► 40% of second quarter term + 10% of second exam term
(Seniors with a letter grade of "B" or above may be exempt from the quarter exams at the teacher's discretion.)

NOTE: District 401 is currently evaluating its universal grading practices based on best-practice research on standards-aligned instruction. For the 2019-20 school year, some EPHS staff will participate in grading pilots focused on best-practice research from the following sources:

► Competency-based education
► Standards-referenced grading from the Marzano Research Group
► "A Repair Kit for Grading: 15 Fixes for Broken Grades" by Ken O'Connor

Incomplete Grades

In the event a student is unable to complete coursework due to special circumstances, a teacher or administrator may choose to issue a grade of "I" — an incomplete for a class.

If an incomplete is needed, the teacher will prepare the appropriate Incomplete Grade Agreement, which will be signed by the student and teacher.

This contract will include a specific plan to finish the course work and a timeline upon which this will be completed. The parent will be notified of the arrangement as well. A copy of the signed contract will be kept by the student, teacher and counselor.

It is the responsibility of the student to complete the expected work according to the agreed-upon timeline. If the contract is not completed, the grade of "I" may be converted to a grade of "F." In the absence of special circumstances, no grade of incomplete will be allowed to remain past the end of the following grade period.

Course Failures

Any student who fails a core class is strongly encouraged to attend summer school to earn credit and remain on track for graduation.

EPHS Summer Academy is a teacher-supported online learning environment that allows students to work at their own pace to recover credit. More information can be found online or by contacting the counselors.

Grade Point Average

The grade point average for an EPHS student is computed by adding the grade points received in all subjects and dividing by the number of units attempted.

GPA is calculated at the end of each grading period. It is used to determine the honor roll for each grading period and the class rank.

Grade Weights

EPHS courses are divided into three types: Advanced Placement (AP), Honors and Regular.

Different weights are assigned to the grades given in each type of course. The table located below lists the different weights and the courses in which they apply.




A = 6 points
B = 5 points
C = 4 points
D = 1 point
F = 0 points

A = 5 points
B = 4 points
C = 3 points
D = 1 point
F = 0 points

A = 4 points
B = 3 points
C = 2 points
D = 1 point
F = 0 points

► AP Calculus AB
► AP Calculus BC
► AP Chemistry
► AP Computer Science Principles
► AP English Literature and Composition
► AP English Language and Composition
► AP Human Geography
► AP Physics 1
► AP Physics 2
► AP Spanish
► AP Statistics
► AP Studio Art | Drawing
► AP Studio Art | 2D
► AP Studio Art | 3D
► AP United States Government
► AP United States History
► AP World History

► Accounting*
► Anatomy and Physiology Honors
► Biology Honors
► Chemistry Honors
► CP Math I Honors
► CP Math II Honors
► CP Math III Honors
► CP Math IV Honors
► English 9 Honors
► English 10 Honors
► English 11 Honors
► English 12 Honors
► Italian III Honors
► Italian IV Honors
► Marketing I*
► Marketing II*
► Spanish III Honors
► Spanish IV Honors
► Virtual Enterprise International*
► Any dual-credit classes
held off campus (TCD and Triton campuses)

*Course qualifies as dual credit
with Triton College

► All courses other
than those specifically
listed under Advanced
Placement or Honors

Checking Progress with PowerSchool

Student progress may be viewed throughout the entire school year by logging into your PowerSchool account.

If you do not have your login information, please feel free to contact the Registrar's Office at 708-452-7272.

Issuance of Report Cards

Report cards are mailed at the end of the first semester and second semester.