Requesting IT Help

If you are a District 401 teacher or staff member and you have a Google-related but non-hardware instructional technology (IT) problem or question, please notify the IT Department by completing this online form:

Just a reminder: The IT Department is separate from the Technology Department. The IT Department does not handle hardware-related issues or non-Google software problems.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are a teacher or staff member and you have a hardware, software or network problem that is NOT a Google apps-related issue, please contact the Technology Department by emailing (Scroll to the bottom of this page for more information.) If you have questions about specific aspects of e-text programs such as ReadyGen and GoMath, please contact the District's Director for Curriculum & Instruction.

When Making Your IT Help Request

When visiting the IT Help Desk, you will be asked to fill out a Google Form. After providing basic ID information, you will be asked whether you want to:

  • Submit an email question to IT Director Mr. Aaron Celmer
  • Request an in-person visit by Mr. Celmer (for lesson planning, coaching, etc.)
  • Request an observation by Mr. Celmer (to showcase your work with students, etc.)

If you are submitting an email question, describe your problem or issue as clearly as possible. Where applicable, a screenshot or other documentation illustrating your problem would be helpful.

If you are submitting information about a disciplinary issue, identify the student(s) involved, describe the behavior and provide supporting documentation.

If you are requesting an in-person visit or observation, provide the times and days you would be available as well as your reason for wanting an appointment.

For more information about the District’s use of Google instructional technology as well as links to Google training resources, please visit the IT Department's website.

If You're Seeking Non-Google Tech Support

If you are a teacher or staff member and you encounter a hardware, software or network problem that is NOT a Google apps problem, please send an email requesting help to the District 401 technology support line at the following address: 

This includes any request for assistance with devices, including Chromebooks and other laptop or desktop computers, as well as printers, phones and doc cameras. This also includes requests for help with PowerSchool, student rosters or logins for e-text or curricular programs.

When requesting support for a non-Google tech problem, please be sure to state the name of your school, your room number and the best time to contact you.

Help requests from every District 401 school are sent to the address, so it is essential that you identify where you are located.

Describe your problem as clearly as possible. Where applicable, screenshots illustrating your problem would be helpful.