Retake Protocol for Grades K-5

A "retake" refers to the opportunity to be evaluated on a test or an assignment multiple times.

If a student is unable to demonstrate mastery of a priority standard at the end of a lesson or unit, the teacher may reteach the specific skill(s) needed for mastery and provide an opportunity for the student to retake the assignment.

Elmwood Elementary School and John Mills Elementary School strive to provide every student with multiple opportunities to learn and demonstrate mastery of priority standards.

Teachers of students in grades K-2 agree to reteach and reassess students as needed and provide numerous opportunities for student demonstration of mastery.

For students in grades 3-5, teachers will teach and encourage students to initiate retake opportunities and adhere to the following formal retake protocol. Students in grades 3-5 …

  • Will be provided with an opportunity to retake any summative assessments if they are unable to demonstrate mastery on a specific priority standard or set of standards. Mastery is determined by a score 3.0 performance. 
  • Will only retake the parts of an assessment that are aligned to the specific unmastered priority standard(s). Retake assessments will differ from the original assessment in text but will be aligned to the same priority standard(s). 
  • Will be provided with one opportunity to retake a specific summative assessment. This retake will take place during the time of instruction or within two weeks of the initial assessment. 
  • Will receive a new score based on their retake performance. Scores are determined by current student performance. For this reason, teachers will not average the two previous scores or take the "better" score for reporting.