Summer Academies

Each year, District 401 offers summer classes for students who will be entering kindergarten through 12th grade.

Our K-7 Summer Academy is designed to provide students with opportunities to explore their learning through reading, math and enrichment programs.

Our EPHS Summer Academy gives Elmwood Park High School students the opportunity to earn credit toward graduation by taking courses from a rigorous online curriculum.

K-7 Summer Academy at a Glance

All rising K-8 students who are District 401 residents may enroll. Out-of-district students may also attend these classes. Students are responsible for their own transportation.

Classes begin in early June and conclude by mid-July or sooner. Some students are given recommendations by their grade-level teachers as to which classes would benefit them.

For detailed information about K-8 offerings, please visit our K-7 Summer Academy page.

EPHS Summer Academy at a Glance

Rising students in grades 9-12 can get ahead in their required classes or recover credits through the EPHS Summer Academy, which uses Apex Learning, an online educational platform.

Using Apex Learning, students work individually, with teacher monitoring, frequent check-ins and instructional assistance as needed, all conducted by certified EPHS staff.

Classes begin in early June and conclude by mid-July or sooner.

For detailed information about 9-12 offerings, please visit our EPHS Summer Academy page.

To Learn More

Course listings, registration forms and logistical details for District 401's summer academies are available at the pages listed below.

K-7 Summer Academy page

EPHS Summer Academy page