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Core-Plus Mathematics

Accelerated students may take a four-year integrated mathematics program called Core-Plus Mathematics (CPM). Our four CPM courses provide an enriching challenging mathematical experience preparing students for college mathematics.

While CPM is a high school curriculum, recommended Elm students may take the first of the four courses while still in middle school. On successful completion, they will earn high school credit.

The curriculum builds upon the theme of mathematics as sense-making. Through investigations of real-life contexts, students develop a rich understanding of important mathematics that makes sense to them and, in turn, enables them to make sense of new situations and problems.

Origin of the Curriculum

The program was originally developed at Western Michigan University, with funding from the National Science Foundation

The materials were designed to implement the vision of high school mathematics expressed in the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Curriculum and Evaluation Standards for School Mathematics (1989) and Professional Standards for Teaching Mathematics (1991).

Main Features of the Curriculum

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