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The reporting of academic progress is governed by District 401's policy on grading and promotion, as stated in Section 6:280 of the Board of Education's Policy Manual. 

According to this policy, every teacher shall maintain an evaluation record for each student in the teacher's classroom. A District administrator cannot change the final grade assigned by the teacher without notifying the teacher.

Reasons for changing a student's final grade include:  

  • A miscalculation of test scores 
  • A technical error in assigning a particular grade or score
  • The teacher agreeing to allow the student to do extra work that may impact the grade
  • An inappropriate grading system used to determine the grade
  • An inappropriate grade based on an appropriate grading system

If a grade is changed, the administrator making the change must sign the changed record.

In accordance with District policy, each school has formulated a grading system. The grading systems for the District's elementary schools, middle school and high school are located below.