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District 401 uses PowerSchool to help parents and students keep track of a variety of important academic information, such as grades, attendance, assignments and class schedules.

The process begins when teachers and administrators enter data into the PowerSchool system, which keeps the information private and secure.

To gain access to their children’s own data, parents must login to the PowerSchool Parent Portal. The login page can be found here. Parents will be provided with access credentials.

What PowerSchool Provides

Once inside their accounts, parents and students have access to real-time information from teachers and administrators on topics that include the following:

  • Grades and attendance
  • Test results
  • Grade history
  • Attendance history
  • Teacher comments
  • Class registration
  • Student schedule
  • School information

Where to View PowerSchool

Parents and students can gain access to PowerSchool through a web browser, such as Chrome, Safari, Firefox or Explorer.

Additionally, parents and students may load the free PowerSchool Mobile app to their iOS or Android device (a four-digit code supplied by the District is needed to use the app). 

Customizing the Information You Receive

While inside their PowerSchool accounts, parents may also request email notifications of certain types of information, such as a summary of current grades and attendance or a detailed report showing assignment scores for each class.

Parents may specify how often to receive the reports, including daily, weekly, every two weeks or monthly.

PowerSchool Video

Not sure how to log in to the PowerSchool parent portal? Watch this video for instructions.

For more PowerSchool tips, visit this link:

For More Information

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