Principal's Message

By Mr. Kevin Seibel, Early Childhood Center Principal

Kevin Seibel photoI am extremely excited and proud to be the new principal at our Early Childhood Center! We are looking forward to working with you and your child this year as we have wonderful and engaging learning experiences planned for the year.

Your participation in the learning experiences that your child will be immersed in during the year at school is a critical piece to positively impacting his or her lifelong learning capabilities and growth as a learner.

We will be actively seeking your input and attendance for school activities, curriculum and parent meetings, as well as for volunteer opportunities that our teachers will coordinate.

This year we will be using "All in for student learning!" as our theme. This will represent our collaborative effort to address each students' daily needs as an individual and a learner.

We are very eager to implement our new math and English language arts (ELA) curricula in our kindergarten rooms! These curricula are on a digital platform that students and parents can access at school and at home.

I look forward to seeing you at one of our curriculum meetings so I can explain and show you how these resources can be used at home and add interactive activities you can do with your child, so you can be an active member of our learning community.

With our half-day program, every minute will be important. Daily and on-time attendance will allow your child to develop and understand the importance of being at school every day, and they will have the full time at school to receive the instruction and support of their teachers and classmates to achieve the high expectations of young 21st-century learners.

We are so excited for you and your child to join our learning community this year — and yes, teachers and principals continue to learn! Our collective collaborating and our "All in for student learning" mindset will be the key to ensuring all students grow and achieve this school year.

With learning in mind,

Mr. Kevin Seibel