Principal's Message

By Mr. Kevin Seibel, Early Childhood Center Principal

NOTE ABOUT ECC: The Early Childhood Center will close permanently on June 30, 2020. Beginning with the 2020-21 school year, pre-kindergarten students will attend John Mills School. Kindergarten students will attend either Mills or Elmwood School.

Kevin Seibel photo

Welcome to the Early Childhood Center — the Flagship!

I am very much looking forward to watching your children learn and grow this year!

This year will be very special at the "Flagship" as it will be the last year that pre-K and kindergarten classes will be held at the ECC.

I hope you will plan to be a part of our celebrations throughout the year that will honor the proud tradition of our building and the learning that has been occurring here since 2001.

Parents, you are one of the key components of your child's learning growth. We as teachers wish to have a close working relationship with you to continually foster growth and learning for your child this year and into the future.

Expectations for our youngest learners continue to rise as evidenced by the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and the need for 21st-century skills and competencies that will be necessary for success in our changing global society.

We will provide a safe, welcoming and collaborative learning environment in each classroom that will allow for your child’s creativity, individual learning style and communication skills to develop and flourish with the support of all teachers and their peers.

Within our half-day program, every minute will be important. Daily and on-time attendance will allow your child to develop and understand the importance of being at school every day, and they will have the full time at school to receive the instruction and support of their teachers and classmates to achieve the high expectations of young 21st-century learners.

We will be in our second year of implementing our curricular digital platforms in reading and math. In addition, we will be implementing our social-emotional curriculum throughout the entire school year with lessons that will positively impact our learning community. And our specials program — physical education, art, music, tech and enrichment — will continue for our K students with a daily lesson from each department.

We are energized and excited for you and your child to join our Learning Community this year! Oh and yes, teachers and principals continue to learn! Our collective collaborating and our "All in for Student Learning" mindset will be the key to ensuring all students learn and grow this year.

With learning in mind,

Mr. Kevin Seibel
Principal of the Flagship