Our Newsletter Will Keep You on Top of What's Happening at School

Our Newsletter Will Keep You on Top of What's Happening at School

PHOTO: There's always lots of activity at the ECC, and one way you can stay current is by reading our newsletter every week!

If you're new to the ECC family this year, be sure to read our weekly school newsletter, "Early Childhood Center News."

It's published every Friday during the school year. There is no publication during winter break or spring break.

Typically our newsletter contains announcements, a look at important upcoming events, and information about recent activities by our students, faculty and Parent-Teacher Organization.

Our school newsletter is in addition to the grade-level newsletter you receive on a weekly basis. The latter comes from your child's grade-level team. The school newsletter, on the other hand, is prepared by our principal, Ms. Joanne Mourikes Rice.

We distribute our school newsletter by sending home a hard copy with students. You will never miss an issue — as long as you check with your student! The newsletter is also sent to the email on record for your child.

In addition, you will always be able to find downloadable PDF copies of the newsletter on our website. The newsletter page is located here. The page also contains a digital archive of the previous year's newsletters.

You can find links to the newsletter page in several places on our home page:

Screenshot of ECC home page showing a link to the school newsletter page

Screenshot of the ECC home page showing a second link to the school newsletter page.

We encourage you to keep track of ECC news and events. Good luck to all in 2017-18!

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