Enrollment & Fees

District 401 is no longer using LINQ to enroll students. At this time, new students should contact their home school for directions on the enrollment process, including how to establish Elmwood Park residency. Use this list for determining your home school:


All District 401 students, whether new or returning, must enroll in the District each school year. The enrollment process is also known as "registration." This three-step process involves:

Enrollment is governed by Section 7:50 of the Board of Education's District Policy Manual.

If You Are Homeless

Any homeless child shall be immediately admitted to District 401, even if the child or child's parent/guardian is unable to produce records normally required to establish residency.

District 401's liaison for homeless children is Dr. Kari Smith, Assistant Superintendent for Student Services. She can be reached at smithk@epcusd401.org.

2021-22 School Fees

Enrollment in District 401 requires the payment of school fees. The amount for each school is set by the D401 Board of Education.

School fees for the 2021-22 school year have been set as follows:

  • Pre-Kindergarten: $3,000 (monthly payments available)
  • Pre-Kindergarten (special ed): $50
  • Kindergarten Half Day: $170
  • Kindergarten Full Day-Grade 8 (John Mills, Elmwood, Elm): $200
  • Elmwood Park High School: $350
  • Co-op/Alternative School: $50

Other fees for the 2021-22 school year include but are not limited to the following:

  • EPHS Senior Graduation Fee: $60
    This fee is not eligible to be waived; the graduation fee is preloaded to your student's webstore account.
  • EPHS Advanced Placement Test Fee: $85 each
    This is only for students enrolled in Advanced Placement classes; fees will be loaded into student accounts over winter break.
  • Driver's Education Fee: $275
    This is for sophomore Behind-the-Wheel instruction.

Families are expected to pay their fees unless a fee waiver is obtained. Please note that preschool tuition cannot be waived, although monthly payments can be made.

A $30 fee and loss of check-writing privileges will be assessed for all returned checks.

More Information About 2021-22 Enrollment

For additional details about enrolling in District 401 as a new or returning student, please click the rows below.

Additional Pages About Enrollment & Fees

We invite you to learn more about our enrollment procedures and school fees by visiting the remainder of the D401 home site's "Enrollment & Fees" pages, including:

If you still have any questions about enrollment or fees, please contact our registrar, Ms. Kim Kaminski, at registration@epcusd401.org.