Parents and Teachers (PAT)

The PAT is Elm Middle School's parent-teacher organization. All Elm parents are welcome to participate in the organization, which meets monthly throughout the school year.

Membership in PAT

There are no dues or forms to submit in order to join Elm PAT. All Elm parents are automatically members.

For more information about the organization, contact Principal Ms. Ashley Groeneveld at 708-452-3550 or by email at this address.

PAT's Partnership with Elm

The group sponsors dances and other social activities for students. For example, the PAT plans, organizes and sponsors the 8th-grade dinner dance and the 8th-grade graduation breakfast.

PAT members also provide assistance at other school events and raise money to help support programs that benefit Elm students.

In addition, the group forms a key communicators network at Elm, providing a space where parents and the school administration can engage in constructive dialogue on issues of concern.

In short, the PAT is a valuable partner with the school.