Student Handbooks FAQ

The following are answers to frequently asked questions about District 401 student handbooks. Click the plus signs to see the answers to each question.

Yes. Both students and parents are required to read their school's handbook and sign off upon completion. 

The handbook outlines our rules and expectations for students. Parents and students are expected to be aware of and abide by those rules and expectations, which is why they are required to submit a sign-off form. 

Downloadable PDF copies of each school's handbook can be found at these links:

► John Mills Elementary School Handbook | 2020-21 — to be posted
► Elmwood Elementary School Handbook | 2020-21 — to be posted 
► Elm Middle School Handbook | 2020-21 — to be posted
► Elmwood Park High School Handbook | 2020-21 — to be posted

Downloadable copies of the Parent/Student Sign-Off Sheet are available at these links:

► English version
► Polish version
► Spanish version

PLEASE NOTE: If your child attends Elmwood Elementary School, please download and complete Elmwood's Handbook Check-Off Sheet (located below) in addition to the Parent/Student Sign-Off Sheet:

Elmwood Elementary School Handbook Check-Off Sheet 
(2020-21 sheet to be posted)

Your signature indicates that you understand and accept the contents of your school's student handbook as well as the terms of all five parts of the Parent/Student Sign-Off Sheet. 

Those five parts are:

► District Policies for Student Handbooks
► Cellular Phone Acceptable Use Policy and Parental Permission
► Publication of Student Photos
► Electronic Communication
► Notice of Directory Information

Each of those five parts is explained in the sign-off sheet.  

No. Each District 401 school is governed by all policies set by our Board of Education, regardless of whether or not the policy is located in a specific school's handbook.

To find a policy, consult the Board of Education’s Policy Manual, available here, or visit District Policies for Student Handbooks, located here.