Supply List | 2019-20

Students at Elm Middle School are required to have all supplies specified by their teachers.

The 2019-20 supply list is available for your convenience in three formats: 7th-grade supplies only, 8th-grade supplies only, or 7th and 8th combined. Click the links below for downloadable PDFs:

► Supplies for 7th graders only | 2019-20
► Supplies for 8th graders only | 2019-20
► Supplies for 7th & 8th graders (combined list) | 2019-20

Notes About School Supplies

The following notes apply to all Elm students regardless of grade or courses taken: 

► White-out correction fluid is not allowed in school.
► Permanent markers are not allowed in school.
► Additional materials may be requested by individual teachers.

Notes to 8th Graders About Calculators

The following notes apply to 8th graders who are shopping for scientific calculators:

► Be smart shoppers — scientific (graphing) calculators go on sale often. 
► If prices are still out of your range, ask around if someone you know has a calculator they don’t use.