Academic Advisory Program

All Elm students participate daily in Advisory Advisory, which takes place for 30 minutes each school day. During that time, students meet in their academic adviser’s classroom. 

Eighth graders have their advisory period immediately before lunch, 7th graders right after lunch. 

Why Academic Advisory?

The purpose of Academic Advisory is to provide students with academic as well as social and emotional support. 

Advisory is a time when students can get academic help, do homework, check their grades, keep track of their academic progress, listen to announcements and even work on team-building activities.

Parents requesting a conference should contact the student’s academic adviser.

How the Program Works

Here's an at-a-glance version of how our advisory program works. We believe our students benefit greatly from the extra half-hour per day the program affords them. 

All Elm students are assigned an advisory teacher. Students meet in their advisory teacher's classroom for 30 minutes each school day.

Eighth graders take advisory during Block 3a, right before their lunch period. Seventh graders take advisory during Block 3b, right after their lunch period.

Students may use their advisory time to do homework, get help from their advisory teacher, work with classmates, read on their own, work on long-term projects or otherwise prepare for the rest of their school day.